04 Apr

NO Class on Sunday 7 April sadly as I have to go on a work trip. We’re back on Tuesday 9th though so come and join us at Barnwell Baptist Church, 6-7 pm! 🙂

04 Mar

So it’s now March.. .and the weather is glorious! Good for the mental attitude as is exercise – endorphins make you happier! 🙂

24 Feb

Get ready for the week or burn some calories before Sunday dinner. Join my cardio circuit session tonight at Barnwell Baptist Church, 4-5pm! A fun friendly exercise class!

18 Feb

Don’t forget my new classes start tomorrow, Tuesday 19th February, 6-7 pm, Barnwell Baptist Church. £2 only for your first session! See you there! 🙂 Bring water and mat, and wear comfy exercise clothes…

14 Feb

What is HIIT?

So… what is HIIT? In general think ‘cardio’.. It stands for High Intensity Interval Training – that makes it sound hard right? However, don’t be scared by this.. it can be applied to all levels of fitness. What it actually means in plan language is working at YOUR max for a number of seconds and then having a REST! You got it.. you get to rest as well as work! 🙂 The number of seconds work and rest depends on how fit you are.. so you might start with 20 seconds exercise/20 seconds rest (or you might have less/more rest) and progress (in the fullness of time) by increasing work or reducing rest, (to say 30 seconds exercise and 10 seconds rest).. In my sessions I usually work to 8 exercises for one cycle .. (so working with the 20/20 scenario that’s 5.5 minutes per cycle…!) and then a longer rest at the end of each cycle… See.. another REST! 🙂 The number of cycles depends on fitness level and the time available…. Happy HIITing….!

11 Feb

Positivity PTs First Group Sessions!

It’s finally time 🙂 … Positivity PT will be running its first group sessions on Tuesdays (6-7pm) and Sundays (4-5pm) at the Barnwell Baptist Church, Howard Road, starting on Tuesday February the 19th. We’re offering a special price of only £2 for your first session so you can see if you like us (come on that’s a bargain right?), and a usual price of £5 for repeat attendees. Bulk discounts will also be available. Please email jen@positivitypt.net or talk to Jen at one of the sessions for more info.

Remember, we’re on Facebook and Twitter as @positivitypt . . . please follow and share our posts and Tweets to help spread the PositivityPT message!

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Starting 19th Feb, Barnwell Baptist Church, Cambridge